Amalgamation of Stamford Park Infant and Junior Schools

Closed 25 Feb 2021

Opened 28 Jan 2021


We have undertaken informal consultation on a proposal to amalgamate Stamford Park Infant and Junior Schools to form a single primary school within the existing school buildings from 12 April 2021. Amalgamation is the joining of two schools into one, with a single governing body and head teacher, in this case achieved through the “closure” of the Infant School and the simultaneous expansion of the age range of the Junior School to form a single age 3 to 11 primary school with a published admission number of 70 providing 490 places in total. You can read the comments and responses.


All the comments and responses were included in a report to Trafford’s Executive Member for consideration in deciding whether or not to proceed to the next stage. We have now published a statutory notice which commences a formal period of consultation on the proposal. Please complete this online consultation if you wish to make comments or object to the proposal. You can read more details in the full proposal.