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Welcome to Citizen Space. This site will help you find and participate in consultations that interest you. We use consultations to gather your views and help us make decisions on specific topics. We consider what you tell us, and then use this information to better inform our recommendations and decisions.

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Open Consultations

  • Trafford Design Guide

    Trafford is a highly desirable place to live. It has excellent schools, great connectivity and a wide range of homes to choose from. Its parks and green spaces provide relief from the urban environment and opportunities for fresh air and improving wellbeing. Locally distinctive buildings,... More

    Closes 17 August 2022

  • Cared for Children Awards: Children and Young People's Champions Awards

    Do you have an someone in your life you'd like to thank for helping you? It could be a social worker, carer, family member, foster sister or brother or teacher or anyone else in your life? If so let us know and we'll celebrate them by letting them know how you feel about them! This... More

    Closes 26 August 2022

  • Trafford Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-2025: Statutory Consultation

    We are asking for your views on Trafford’s Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (2022-25). You can find a copy of this at the bottom of this page, under Related Documents (as well as some key appendices). Traffords Health and Wellbeing Board are in the process of developing... More

    Closes 26 August 2022

  • Council Tax Discretionary Discounts

    Trafford Council has a number of Council Tax discretionary discounts on certain classes of empty properties and as there are no government grants covering the cost of these discounts. The Council is consulting on changes to the following existing discretionary awards: ... More

    Closes 26 August 2022

  • Families Views- Trafford Team Together

    This survey is to find out what families like and dislike and Trafford Team Together (TTT). It is completely anonymous and you don't have to give your name. The answers you give will be shared as part of a review of TTT, as (for example) "This is a comment by Parent 1 from Broad Oak School". ... More

    Closes 31 August 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Trafford Street Trading Policy

    Street Trading is governed by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 Schedule 4. A local authority can charge a fee for a street trading consent to allow the sale of any article in a consented street. Trafford Council, in addition to street trading... More

    Closed 4 August 2022

  • Davyhulme Primary School Expansion Proposals

    Trafford Council has a duty to provide school places for every child resident within the borough. This duty has been met by expanding a number of Primary Schools across the borough to meet local demand. Trafford Council are now proposing the physical expansion of Davyhulme Primary School to... More

    Closed 29 July 2022

  • Trafford School Health NCMP survey for Primary Heads

    Dear Headteacher, First off, we would like to thank you for accommodating the school health team as they visited all Primary Schools recently to measure and weigh our Reception and Year 6 children, as part of the mandated National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). As you know the... More

    Closed 29 July 2022

  • Proposal to amalgamate Moss Park Infant and Junior Schools

    This is the initial vision developed by the schools: Summary of this proposal The proposal is to amalgamate Moss Park Infant School and Moss Park Junior School. It is proposed this will be achieved by closing Moss Park Infant School and simultaneously extending the age range at Moss... More

    Closed 28 July 2022

  • Mayor's Challenge Fund Tranche 4 - Wharfside Way - Moss Road (Phase One) Consultation

    Trafford Council is proposing to improve cycling and walking facilities between Wharfside Way to Moss Road. The scheme aims to encourage residents and visitors of key attractions such as Trafford Park, Media City and Old Trafford Stadia to adopt sustainable modes of travel, whilst enhancing... More

    Closed 17 July 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes.

We asked

Trafford Council asked residents 26 questions relating to themselves and the proposals for the leisure centre in Altrincham via a survey and offered online group sessions as well as key stakeholder conversations.

The consultation was promoted using the Council’s and Trafford Leisure’s social media accounts, in press releases to the local media. and across various busy sites in Altrincham.

You said

576 people responded to the consultation

53% were female and 43% were male.

12% were under the age of 35. 66% were between the ages of 35 and 54 and 18% were over 55.

54% were physically active for over 150minutes a week.

You said the main reasons for not currently using the centre more were focused on the condition, parking options and lack of facilities.

76% of respondents welcomed the proposals for the cafe and reception.

78% of respondents welcomed the proposals for the sports halls and studios including the immersive spin studio.

74% of respondents welcomed the proposals for the fitness suite (gym) and changing rooms.

71% or respondents welcomed the proposals for the Spa / Wellbeing area.

The priority facilities / Activities were highlighted as the swimming pools followed by the fitness suite (gym), fitness classes, the spa / wellbeing area, the sports hall and cafe.


We did

The results and outputs from this consultation have been analysed and helped to inform the designs that have been agreed at Trafford Council's Executive. The objective is to now develop the proposals in line with the feedback received with a construction partner in to a planning application later in 2022 and then is successful in to a construction period from 2023.

We asked

About how you engage with children and young people to improve your services.

You said

Some of you had explicit strategies while others didn't. The most common ways you involved children and young people were through a suggestion box, involving them in planning and running events and having an easily accessible complaints policy. You would all be happy to sign up for a Trafford wide pledge to our children and young people.

We did

We are currently working with children and young people to finalise our strategy going forward. This includes a pledge to our children and young people written with our children and young people. Once the pledge is finalised we will send it out for consultation with you before asking you to sign up to it.

We asked

The Access Trafford Customer Survey  was carried out for 30 days by asking residents who recently contacted Access Trafford by phone and email to complete a short survey to help us gain valuable insight into what we do well and where we can improve.  Thank you to the 150 residents who took the time to provide us with your valuable feedback. 

We asked you the following questions to help us forward plan and improve our service to you.

  • Did you try to use the Trafford Council website before contacting Access Trafford by email or telephone?
  • How you found the advice given by our Customer Service Advisors
  • To rate the professionalism and friendliness of our Customer Service Advisors
  •  How you found waiting times when contacting us by telephone.
  • We also wanted to know about you, so we can better understand our customer base and ensure we are reaching all our residents. We asked, aged, ethnicity and where in Trafford you reside.

You said

  • Surprisingly over 45%  of respondents told us they had tried to find information on the website before contacting Access Trafford via email and telephone.
  • 75% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that our Customer Service advisors were able to resolve their query over the phone.
  • 79% rated the Customer Service Advisors professionalism either excellent or very good
  • 83% rated the Customer Service Advisors willingness to help as either excellent or very good.
  • 73% thought that the advisors ability to resolve the query was either excellent or very good.
  •  80% of respondents agreed, or strongly agreed that calls were answered in a satisfactory time period.

We did

As over 45% of respondents had tried to use the Council website before contacting  Access Trafford. We analysed the comments received to work on improving the Council Website.  Comments mentioned out of date information, difficulties making online payments and navigation of the website.  The information from our survey was discussed with the Web Team who working on improving the content and accessibility.

The Access Trafford Contact Centre does not deal with waste or highway issues, this is a One Trafford Service that is provided by Amey on behalf of the Council. The information regarding bin pages on the website and ordering  green waste bags has been passed to One Trafford.  Improvements have been made to the website content and processes to improve the customer experience.

The  next  Access Trafford customer survey will be winter 2021.