Trafford Pandemic Support - follow up survey to Foster Carers

Closed 2 Jul 2020

Opened 18 Jun 2020


To all of our amazing Trafford foster carers,

As daily life continues to be affected by the pandemic lock-down, we the fostering service, once again, are reaching out to learn more about the needs of you, our children and your family

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of the lock-down, you may have seen a survey that was circulated to get a snap-shot of the type of support that foster carers were in need of at that time. This new, short survey, is intending to collect an updated snap-shot now that more information is known about the wider pandemic picture, ever changing information and  planning the tentative steps away from full lock-down.

Many staff remain working nearly exclusively from home, so the service continues to experience disruption to the typical working day. This has resulted in the need to adapt to find imaginative solutions for providing support to Trafford's vulnerable children and young people - and to the families who look after them.

Why your views matter

All Foster carers are, of course, a vital part of looking after some of those children and young people. Ensuring that foster carers feel confident enough to be able to continue to navigate this unfamiliar situation is an important part of the service's provision at this time.

It seems 'normal' life is still a long way off yet, so I am asking you each to think about what you need and also what you feel you can offer as we look to the weeks and months ahead.

Please would you be able to take 15 minutes out of your already busy days to answer the following questions to help the fostering and children in care services as to how we can continue to support  fostering households during this challenging time. All of the information submitted will be sent to Anna Lomas and will help the service to set priorities. (Also, everything submitted is anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself in some way.)  Trafford are now using citizens space instead of survey monkey, this will provide increased security and peace of mind with keeping your information safe.


Thank you so very much for doing this.

The team really appreciate taking the time out to complete the survey, as before, this is not a promise the ideas suggested will come to fruition but they will form part of an ongoing thought process to shape that support and help the service to more quickly understand the situations foster carers are facing.

Again, thank you for contributing to the survey and your continued support to the children and your family during this difficult changing time

Take care and look after yourselves