Section 77 Disposal of School Playing Fields

Closed 20 Mar 2020

Opened 27 Jan 2020


Trafford Council wishes to dispose of the former school site; 

  • Former Trafford High School (THS), Lydney Road, Flixton, M41 8RN (12,343m2) - view plan
  • Former Trafford Medical Education Service (TMES), 350 Flixton Road, Flixton, M41 5GW (1,255m2) - view plan


The attached red line plans, include the building and indicate the extent of land (currently owned by Trafford Council) proposed for disposal.

In order to dispose of this playing field land it will be necessary for Trafford Council to apply for written consent from the Secretary of State for Education. It is only at that point that we will be able to dispose of these sites.

The Secretary of State for Education uses the definition of “playing field land” as land in the open air which is provided for the purpose of physical education or recreation. Therefore, as the former Brentwood House and Trafford Medical Education Service (which do not have playing fields attached) were used by students for educational purposes, they also require written consent by the Secretary of State.

See background for disposal.

We are consulting all interested parties on this proposed disposal and are interested to receive your comments. 

Should approval be given, Trafford Council is proposing to use the proceeds from the disposal of these playing fields to renovate the former Brentwood School so that THS and TMES can be co-located on this site, the remainder of the disposal proceeds will be ring-fenced for capital facilities for sport (which will take priority), recreation or education facilities within the Borough.

Why your views matter

We are interested in receiving comments regarding the proposal to dispose of these playing fields.

The consultation will run from Monday 27 January to Friday 20 March 2020.

All comments received will be forwarded to The Secretary of State who will make a decision on the disposal of the fields.