Children and young people's Participation and Engagement survey

Closed 15 Aug 2021

Opened 27 Jul 2021

Feedback updated 18 Aug 2021

We asked

About how you engage with children and young people to improve your services.

You said

Some of you had explicit strategies while others didn't. The most common ways you involved children and young people were through a suggestion box, involving them in planning and running events and having an easily accessible complaints policy. You would all be happy to sign up for a Trafford wide pledge to our children and young people.

We did

We are currently working with children and young people to finalise our strategy going forward. This includes a pledge to our children and young people written with our children and young people. Once the pledge is finalised we will send it out for consultation with you before asking you to sign up to it.


Help us develop our new participation and engagement strategy for children and young people.