Trafford Community COVID-19 Response Volunteering

Closed 3 Apr 2020

Opened 30 Mar 2020


We are working in partnership with VCSE and public sector partners to coordinate our emergency response volunteering programme for Trafford and supporting local people to be good neighbours within different Locality areas. If you would like to volunteer to help, or can donate goods in your area to support during the COVID-19 outbreak please complete this short form. Our team will then liaise with your local Community Support Hub.

GDPR Data Protection Statement:

By completing this form you understand that where authorised, this data will be only be shared for the purposes of coordinating the Trafford Community Hubs in response to supporting residents in Trafford throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. All personal data will be handled in accordance with current UK GDPR Data Protection 2018 legislation. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security and will never share or sell your data to any third party without your consent.

You can at anytime ask for your information to be removed from our database by contacting