Scrutiny Committee review of Events at Old Trafford Football Ground Survey

Closed 10 Feb 2023

Opened 13 Jan 2023


Trafford Council's Scrutiny Committee have created a Task and Finish Group to look at the impact events held at Old Trafford Football Stadium have on the local community. As part of their work the group would like to engage with the communities surrounding Old Trafford Football Stadium affected by the large influx of people whenever a football game, concert, or other event are held at the venue. The aim of the group is to understand the current situation and through collaboration with local residents, Manchester United, Greater Manchester Police, local businesses, and community groups look for ways to ensure events are run as effectively as possible.    

Why your views matter

Trafford Council's Scrutiny Committee are aware that events at Old Trafford Cricket Ground also cause problems for residents. Due to the scale of Events held at Old Trafford Football Ground and the level of resources available to the Committee the decision has been made to focus upon that venue for the current review. Some of the recommendations of the review are likely to be applicable to events at Old Trafford Cricket Ground and help to reduce their impact upon residents. If problems caused by events at Old Trafford Cricket Ground persist a further review can be conducted. 

What happens next

The information from this surevy will be reviewed and refferenced in discussions with stakeholders about the way match days are handled. The outcome of those discussions along with other information gathered by the Task and Finish Group will be used to come up with reccomendations for improvements. Those reccomendations will be presented in public for agreement by the Scrutiny Committee before being submitted to the Council Executive.