Contraception Services in Greater Manchester Survey

Closed 14 Dec 2020

Opened 1 Nov 2020


We want to understand the contraception needs of our residents. Some people may not be able to access the contraception services they need. Filling in this survey will help us to decide how to improve our services and will help to shape what services look like in the future to make sure they meet the needs of our residents.

Why your views matter

We are gathering your views using this survey so we can engage with as many residents as possible, whether or not you use sexual health/family planning services.

This survey is about contraception. By contraception, we mean medicines or devices that are used to prevent pregnancy. Some people also use contraception for other purposes like preventing STIs and menstrual suppression (controlling their periods). There is a question in the survey that asks about why you use contraceptive medicines or products.

All responses are anonymous, so do not provide your name, date of birth or full postcode.

If, for any reason, you do provide something that can identify you we will ensure this is removed. All responses are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Taking part should take no longer than ten minutes of your time.

As the survey is anonymous we will not be able to provide feedback to you.