Social Prescribing Working Group

Closes 21 Jun 2024

Opened 23 May 2024


Currently there is ongoing work to try and improve social prescribing in Trafford.

A working group has been organised which meeting for the second time on Thursday 23rd of May. This meeting focused on discussing two topics:

1. Defining the social prescribing in Trafford

2. Where do we want to see Social Prescribing in Trafford in 4-5 years? 

This survey is to capture the opinions and views of those present and not present at the meeting (especially those holding social prescribing/similar roles) to help inform work going forwards.

Why your views matter

Your input will help us to consolidate what the priorities for social prescribing over the next 4-5 years should be, and what the review over the next few months will focus on.