Civic Quarter Area Action Plan - Main Modifications Questionnaire

Closed 2 Sep 2022

Opened 14 Jul 2022


This questionnaire can be used to make comments on the Civic Quarter Area Action Plan (CQAAP) Main Modifications Consultation.  Responses can be submitted between 9am on 14/07/2022 and 5pm on 02/09/2022. 

Please note that this consultation is not an opportunity to resubmit comments on the general principles of the CQAAP or on the content which is proposed to remain unchanged.  The questionnaire has been drafted to ensure that responses are focussed in this way. 

The questionnaire is made up of eight sections (1 to 8). There is an opportunity to submit multiple responses to section 4 depending on how many comments you wish to make.  


What happens next

Once this consultation has concluded, any representations received will be sent to the appointed Inspector. It will be for the Inspector to determine what additional actions (if any) are required to address issues raised. Once any such steps have been completed to the Inspector’s satisfaction, he will complete and issue his final report. Subject to a positive outcome, it is expected that the Council would then adopt the Civic Quarter Area Action Plan. It is hoped that this will take place by the end of this year.