Walking, Wheeling and Cycling Strategy

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Closes 12 Feb 2023

Section 1 - Objective 1) Leadership and Inspiration

The Council will lead by example in policy making, and in our actions to support staff and residents to incorporate walking, wheeling and cycling into their daily lives. The Council will use its leadership role to bring together partners and inspire and encourage others to take up walking and cycling - leading conversations with partners, businesses and employers to influence their approach to supporting active travel and greater use of public transport.

Key Actions:

1) Setting goals whilst monitoring and publishing progress against the goals.

2) Securing funding opportunities to provide high quality infrastructure.

3) Providing a good example with councillors and staff members using active travel methods and promoting them.

4) Bring together Trafford's walking, wheeling and cycling communities to support and motivate others to walk, wheel and cycle more each day.

1. Do you agree that the above key actions can lead and inspire behaviour change towards more walking, wheeling and cycling?
2. Which of the below would be your top priority for Trafford Council to lead and inspire a behaviour change towards more walking, wheeling and cycling? Please also tell us why this is your priority action and if other actions should be considered.