10 Year Estates Strategy Consultation- External

Closed 19 Jan 2023

Opened 22 Dec 2022


Property and Estates is essential to all aspects of the Council's operations. Our communities rely on the services provided by our portfolio of offices, depots, libraries, care homes, and other Council assets. Our commercial property portfolio generates revenue that helps the Council deliver on its priorities. Our future development portfolio represents an opportunity to provide high-quality housing for our residents while reducing our environmental impact.

Council budgets have never been under greater strain, so it is critical that we plan for the long term with a 10-year Estates Strategy. This will create a sustainable asset base for future generations of residents, businesses, and staff.

The strategy will deliver a modern, fit for purpose portfolio that aligns with the Council’s ambitions and enables Trafford Council to continue to provide high quality services and value for money for the taxpayer. The Councils Corporate Plan ‘Our Trafford, our future 2021-2024’ provides a vision for the priorities of Trafford which this Estates Strategy will support. 

Why your views matter

It is important to secure feedback from the community to ensure that this document meets the needs of our residents, businesses and staff and make sure that Trafford’s needs are met.