Sale Moor Village Place Plan Draft Consultation

Closed 10 Mar 2020

Opened 14 Jan 2020


In July 2019, Trafford Council commissioned Nexus Planning to prepare a Village Place Plan for Sale Moor District Centre. The Place Plan will look to provide a framework for future changes and any development opportunities to improve the vitality and sustainability of Sale Moor in order to strengthen its performance as a village centre, improve Sale Moor's visual appearance, environmental performance, ensure good accessibility and safe movement in and around the centres.

Consultation on the DRAFT Sale Moor Village Place Plan will commence from Tuesday 14th January until 10th March 2020. Hard copies of the Plan documents and the questionnaire are available at Sale Library.

Draft Sale Moor Village Place Plan

Appendix A - Sale Moor Consultation Summary

There will be a half day public consultation event open to all businesses and members of the public on Saturday 1st February, 1:00pm to 4:00pm at Sale Moor Methodist Church, 299 Northenden Rd, Sale Moor, M33 2PP.

Why your views matter

The Council’s district centres are an important economic driver for the borough and important assets for the local community in terms of amenities, and the Council is committed to ensuring they continue to thrive.

What happens next

All comments from this consultation will be fed into the final Village Place Plan for Sale Moor prior to adoption.