Draft Trafford Local Plan (Regulation 18)

Closed 18 Mar 2021

Opened 4 Feb 2021


Trafford Council invites you to make representations in regard of the content and policies of the draft Trafford Local Plan.

Once adopted, the Local Plan will become the main land use planning document for Trafford, and form part of the overall Development Plan. Planning law requires that applications for planning permission be determined in accordance with the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The Local Plan will provide a positive vision for the future of Trafford; a framework for addressing housing needs and other economic, social and environmental priorities as well as a platform for local people to help shape their surroundings. The Local Plan will address the strategic priorities of Trafford.

The Council is required to keep its Local Plan up to date to retain control over the type and location of development within the Borough, and so ensuring that development across the Borough is ‘plan led’.

Once adopted, the Local Plan will replace the following Development Plan documents:

•         The Trafford Core Strategy (adopted January 2012) and

•         The Revised Trafford Unitary Development Plan (adopted June 2006).

Comments are invited from 4 February 2021 until 18 March 2021 when the consultation will close.

The Local Plan has been split up into different sections and can be read below. The survey questions are split up into a page for each section of the Local Plan. You can answer as many questions on the Local Plan as you wish. 

Comments should be submitted against the questions in this survey to allow them to be correctly attributed to different parts of the plan, however if this is not possible please use the “any other comments” box at the end of the survey.

Consultation documents 

Draft new Trafford Local Plan (December 2020) – Full document

Draft Policy Map - Select 'My Maps' and then 'Draft Local Plan - February 2021' to view the draft Local Plan Policy Map

Draft new Trafford Local Plan sections:

Data protection

Please note all comments will be held by the Council and will be available to view publicly.  Comments cannot be treated as confidential.  Your personal information such as your postal and e-mail address will not be published, but your name and organisation (if relevant) will.

Trafford Council maintains a database of consultees who wish to be kept informed about planning policy matters such as the Local Plan.  In responding to this consultation your contact details will automatically be added to the consultation database (if not already held).  However, the Council will not automatically notify you of future consultations unless you ‘opt in’ on your consultation response. If you do not state you want to be on the consultation database, it will be assumed that you do not wish to be notified of future consultations.