Hackney Carriage and Private Licensing Policy 2021 - 2026

Closes 3 Dec 2020

Opened 8 Oct 2020


The Council is the authority responsible for setting standards and overseeing compliance with the hackney carriage and private hire licensing regulations.  The over-riding consideration for the Council is that of public safety.

This consultation outlines a set of proposed standards and procedures to be used by the Council to process and determine applications for driver, vehicle and operator licences in Trafford. 

The proposed licensing standards are based on the principles that anyone using a licensed vehicle must:

  • be able to trust its driver
  • be assured the vehicle is safe
  • trust any operator or driver to keep their information safe
  • understand the vehicle is not contributing to emissions that could harm drivers, passengers and residents of Greater Manchester (GM)

Why We Are Consulting

The Council has reviewed and updated its policies and procedures and brought them into one Policy document.  The Policy incorporates the proposed Minimum Licensing Standards to be used by all 10 GM Licensing Authorities; and also incorporates the Department for Transport’s recently published Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards (see attached link below).

We are consulting a range of stakeholders as part of this process, including those that use or provide hackney carriage and private hire services in Trafford.