Mayors Challenge Fund (MCF) – Talbot Road/ Seymour Grove/ Chester Road & Talbot Road/ Boyer Street - Cycling and Walking Improvements Consultation

Closed 18 Jun 2023

Opened 22 May 2023


On this consultation, Trafford Council is working with Amey, under the One Trafford Partnership, on improvements to walking and cycling facilities along Talbot Road, from Chester Road to Boyer Street for a future MCF funding bid.

Map of Proposals


PDF version of map (allows users to zoom in on detail)

Images of Proposed Changes

To make it safer for people and cyclists to cross the road at this junction, this project proposes:

  • Realigning the junction of Talbot Road/Boyer Street to make the crossing point shorter.
  • Adjusting the junction, the angle at which vehicles turn into and out of Boyer Street so that vehicles slow down.
  • Providing a ‘Sparrow Crossing’ where pedestrians and cyclists can separately cross the road in parallel without conflict.
  • Installing segregated cycle tracks along Talbot Road to link with the junction of White City Way, which is scheduled to be upgraded up to the junction with Chester Road, close to Carver Street.

Why your views matter

We are now asking residents, businesses, and users of the area to provide us with their views on these proposals. Your feedback will be reviewed and used to make amendments to final design of the scheme if appropriate. We invite you to answer a series of questions to express your views. 

Once the consultation is complete, all responses will be analysed and used to inform the design of the scheme. Findings from the consultation will be published in due course.

What happens next

Thank you for providing your feedback on the proposals to modify and upgrade walking and cycling facilities along Talbot Road and through the junctions of Seymour Grove / Chester Road & Boyer Street.

Once the consultation has closed on 18th June, all the feedback received will be analysed and considered to help shape the final plans.

If you would like to keep up to date with the progress of the scheme, updates will be posted on  the webpage.