Statement of Gambling Policy Consultation

Closed 3 Sep 2021

Opened 9 Jul 2021


Trafford Council is currently reviewing its gambling policy, with the intention that any amended policy will become effective on 31st January 2022.   

The Council is consulting a range of bodies as part of this process including those that represent residents, local businesses, premises licence holders and other interested parties in the Trafford area.

The Draft Statement of Gambling Principles 2022-2025 is now available (see attached link below). Any additions or amendments to our current policy are highlighted in yellow. If you would like to comment on the draft policy please complete the questionnaire which asks general questions about your experiences of licensing in Trafford and the proposed changes to the policy.


Why your views matter

Trafford Council's Statement of Gambling Principles is a document we must produce by law.  It sets out our approach to licensing in Trafford and must be produced (at least) every 3 years.  It gives clear guidance to licence holders, applicants and people who may comment on licence applications of our policies and expectations. The Council is legally obliged to have regard to the Statement of Gambling Principles when making decisions regarding licence applications or reviews.

This year the 10 Greater Manchester Licensing Authorities have agreed to take a common approach to refreshing their gambling policies; and so our draft statement reflects the principles to be adopted across the region.

What happens next

Your views will be used to update the policy which will be published in January 2022.