Scoping delivery plan content

Closes 31 Jul 2024

Opened 10 Jul 2024


We are developing a Trafford Mental Health and Wellbeing delivery plan that will describe the breadth of work being undertaken to improve population mental health and wellbeing outcomes, set out our shared objectives across the system (including VCFSE, local authority, NHS ICB, primary care, commissioned providers) and start to identify the measures by which we will monitor progress against our objectives.

In order to scope content for the delivery plan we have devised this short survey which should take you around 20 minutes to complete. We hope this information will provide a valuable baseline to further work with you to jointly draft the content of the delivery plan.

The plan will cover the period 2024-2028 and will align with 5 strategic missions for mental health and wellbeing identified by Greater Manchester (see Question 7)

We want the plan to reference work being taken forward across the lifecourse (see Qn 6) and across the continuum of need (see Qn 5)

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