Social Housing Smoking Cessation Consultation

Closed 8 Mar 2023

Opened 9 Sep 2022


Trafford Council's Public Health team is looking to work with housing associations to reduce smoking prevlance in their residents.

Here's why:

  • The smoking rate among social housing residents is one of the highest in England.
  • Higher rates of smoking mean people living in social housing are disproportionately affected by the substantial health and economic inequalities caused by smoking.
  • The gap in smoking rates between people living in social housing and people living in other types of housing has worsened in recent years, exacerbating inequalities.
  • Action on smoking is a valuable addition to social landlords’ existing health and wellbeing activities.

Why your views matter

In order for us to help to reduce smoking in people who live in social housing, it is important we first fully understand how we can work together to deliver an intervention. 

We want you to be honest with what you feel you can do and how you currently feel the issue impacts your organisation. 

What happens next

We will collate all of the response from social housing providers and look at how we can work with you in the future to improve reduce the smoking rates of people who live in social housing.