Summary of the Budget Consultation Public Questions 2022/23

Closed 11 Jan 2022

Opened 6 Dec 2021


Public Budget Consultation Introduction

The previous budget was set at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and almost overnight, the way the Council had to deliver services and support changed. The Council has continued to adapt to evolving events as the country responds to an ever changing national and local scene. There
remains a significant impact on the way Council services are delivered and there are subsequently many financial challenges it faces.

The effects of the coronavirus have been enormous, for us as individuals, on our family and our friends, on our communities and on the whole of our borough.

As a result, we need to make up a budget shortfall of £21.75m for the next financial year, we are proposing closing this budget gap by £17.10m via a mixture of measures: additional funding, planned use of earmarked reserves and new savings and income generation.

There currently still remains a residual budget gap of £4.65m in 2022/23, sadly, that means we are still having to make some very tough choices.

We would like your views on those decisions that could affect you, so please look through the questions and tell us what you think.

Once this consultation process is over, we will look through every comment and develop firm budget plans that will best serve our residents, communities and businesses.  Be assured that our priority continues to be the protection of frontline services to ensure we can work together to build the best future for all everyone in Trafford.