Tennis: Improvement Fund Consultation

Closed 22 Mar 2023

Opened 6 Feb 2023


Trafford Council is seeking to improve and sustain the quality of Park Tennis Courts across the borough by accessing funding from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). To enable this much needed investment the council is seeking to install access gates and introduce charge for use. The revenue generated will be used to maintain the courts, so they remain in use for future generations. Alongside this the council is seeking to work with a tennis provider to encourage more use of parks courts and to provide a program of coaching throughout the borough’s network of courts.

Why your views matter

We are asking residents across the borough to share their views on these proposals, the responses to these questions will help shape the council’s approach. Without a plan for the court’s sustainability, it is likely that in future years some courts will become unplayable.

What happens next

Once the responses have been analysed a report will be generated and presented to Trafford Coucil's Leisure Board for consideration of the next steps.