Corporate Plan - Vision and Priorities

Closed 7 Nov 2021

Opened 16 Oct 2021


Our current Corporate Plan was launched in 2018. It set out our priorities and how we would serve the residents, businesses and communities in our borough.

It is now three years since this Plan was approved. Nearly two years have been spent dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected every part of the organisation and our people.

New health inequalities have emerged nationally and in our Trafford population as a result of the pandemic, and existing inequalities have intensified.

Given our response to the Covid-19 pandemic and our recovery plans, it is timely to review our priorities and the ‘kind of council we want to be’. While our response has invigorated partnership working and seen the establishment of community hubs, it has also highlighted the need to focus on priorities that will reduce inequalities across our communities.

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