Gambling Policy 2025

Closes 16 Aug 2024

Opened 5 Jul 2024


Trafford Council is currently reviewing its gambling policy, with the intention that any amended policy will become effective on 31st January 2025.   

The Council is consulting a range of bodies as part of this process including those that represent residents, local businesses, premises licence holders and other interested parties in the Trafford area.

In Summer 2023 the Gambling Commission published a consultation document on proposed changes to licence conditions and codes of practice, remote gambling and software technology.  And in July 2023 the DCMS published a consultation document which contained five topics (relating to land-based gambling):

•         Casino measures

•         Machine allowance for arcades and bingo halls

•         Cashless payments on gaming machines

•         Introduction of an age limit on cash-out Category D slot style machines

•         Review of licensing authority fees.

We await the next steps in the regulatory process which will take the proposals in the white paper to legislative changes, amended guidance and new technical regulations.

As there have been no major changes in advice to consider in terms of guidance and pending the outcome of the Government’s review of the Gambling Act; officers have reviewed the Council’s current Gambling Policy and determined that it complies with all relevant requirements and, therefore, are proposing not to amend the Policy at this time subject to any comments following this consultation.

We propose to undertake a full review of the Policy once any new guidance or legislation is published.

Why your views matter

Trafford Council's Statement of Gambling Policy is a document we must produce by law.  It sets out our approach to licensing in Trafford and must be produced (at least) every 3 years.  It gives clear guidance to licence holders, applicants and people who may comment on licence applications of our policies and expectations. The Council is legally obliged to have regard to the Statement of Gambling Principles when making decisions regarding licence applications or reviews.

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