Review of Trafford's Licensing Policy 2021-2026

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Closes 18 Sep 2020


Under the Licensing Act 2003, Trafford Council must produce a Statement of Licensing Policy at least every 5 years. Licensing in this case means alcohol, most forms of public entertainment, club premises and late-night refreshment (food served any time after 11pm and before 5am). It also includes temporary event notices (TENs) which can be applied for by licensed venues, other businesses and members of the public.

Please read the draft Trafford Council Statement of Licensing Policy 2021-26 and its appendices including two cumulative impact zones and the proposed model conditions before answering the following questions. 

A summary to the amendments has also been provided, text highlighted in blue is from the original policy and text highlighted in yellow are amendments.

Feel free to skip any questions that you feel are not relevant or you don’t not have a view on.


1. Are you responding as:
2. Which part of Trafford are you responding from ? (if outside of the Borough please say where)
3. Is the draft Trafford Council Statement of Licensing Policy 2021-2026 clear ?

If NO, please give suggestions regarding specific sections or paragraphs where you think it could be clearer, including any suggested changes to the wording in the box below.