Sale Moor Place Plan Consultation

Closed 17 Feb 2023

Opened 16 Jan 2023

Feedback updated 7 Jul 2023

We asked

Trafford Council asked residents and businesses questions relating to the vision, objectives and overarching strategies set out within the draft Sale Moor Place Plan.

The consultation was promoted using the Council’s social media accounts, in press releases to the local media and in person at a consultation event at the Trinity Methodist Church, Sale Moor.


You said

266 surveys were completed both online and in person at the consultation event.

40% stated that they visit Sale Moor daily, with a further 24% stating they visit every other day. 59% stated that their frequency of visiting the centre has not changed post Covid.

61% of respondents stated that they typically travel to Sale Moor on foot (walking), with a further 30% by car. 6% stated that they travel to the centre by bicycle.

The main purpose of visiting Sale Moor was to undertake convenience (food shopping), comprising 63% of the responses, followed by ‘other reasons’ (15%). A total of 11% stated that the main purpose is to visit a café, bar or restaurant.

69% of respondents stated that the draft Vision for Sale Moor appropriately reflects the community’s future aspirations for the centre.

In terms of the draft Objectives, the following proportions considered that they covered the requirements within the centre:

  • Offer of the centre objectives – 74%
  • Movement of the centre objectives – 64%
  • Streetscape objectives – 75%
  • Public realm objectives – 71%

A total of 62% of respondents stated that they supported the proposed movement strategy.

We did

The results and outputs from this consultation are being analysed and will be used to finalise the Place Plan, ready for presentation at the Council’s Executive Committee.

The process working up to the presentation of the Sale Moor Place Plan at Executive is to speak to other key stakeholders within the Council in order to help shape the final Place Plans on the back of the comments raised by residents, businesses and other stakeholders.


Trafford Council instructed Nexus Planning and a wider team of sub-consultants in 2019 to prepare Place Plans for the villages of Sale Moor and Hale.  

The Plans were subject to a wide range of public and stakeholder consultation and were progressed at a time when the Covid pandemic was beginning to have full effect on the way we were socialising and using our town centres. The Plans were drafted but then subsequently withdrawn to be revisited at a time when the country was back to a degree of ‘normality’. 

As such, we are now looking to update the Place Plans to ensure they are relevant, pick up on the changes to the way we use our centres following the pandemic and appropriately reflect the key aspirations of stakeholders within each centre.  

To assist the project team to ensure the plans represent stakeholders’ aspirations as best they can, we are asking the public, businesses and stakeholders for their help by completing this consultation.

Why your views matter

This is your opportunity to have your say on the future development of Sale Moor village centre.

It's important that stakeholders, residents and users all contribute to this consultation as this will guide the future development of the village centre.

Tell us what you think to make sure you have your say in the future of Sale Moor village.

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What happens next

Following the consultation, the responses will be analysed and themes incorporated into the strategy.  

The revised strategy will then be published on Trafford Council's website.



    From 23 Jan 2023 at 14:00 to 23 Jan 2023 at 19:00

    Give your views in person at Trinity Methodist Church, Trinity Rd, Sale, M33 3FZ (see link below for map) where the consultation boards will be on display and staff from the project team at Nexus and Trafford Council will be on hand to speak with:
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