Seymour Park School Street Proposal

Closed 31 May 2023

Opened 27 Apr 2023


What is a School Street?

The purpose of a school street is to tackle the congestion at the school gates and improve the air quality for travel to school.

When the school street is operational at the start and end of the school day, the road becomes a temporary walking and cycling in line with Trafford Council’s Walking, Wheeling and Cycling Strategy.

Access would still be maintained for residents, businesses, valid blue badge holders, pedestrians, and cyclists. Emergency vehicles would also always have access.


By temporarily closing the road to motor vehicles at the start and end of the school day we aim to help

• Reduce congestion and pollution from vehicles waiting with their engines running,

• Reduce anti – social behaviour from inconsiderate parking and dangerous manoeuvres

• Create a safer environment to walk, wheel and cycle to school and help promote active travel

• Increase the number of walking and cycling journeys

• Reduce danger from moving vehicles


What is the proposal for the School Street?

The proposal is shown on the plan  and is summarised as follows:

Between the hours of 8.15-9.15am and 2.45-3.30pm on school days the road would become a temporary pedestrian and cycling zone.

Residents and businesses and holders of a valid blue badge would still be able to maintain access.

All vehicles that are already in the zone during operational hours will be able to exit the zone.

Signage will be erected on Northumberland Road at the junction of Ayres Road and Lillian Street informing drivers of the restrictions.

Why are we considering a School Street?

The One Trafford Partnership is committed to making sure that Trafford’s roads are safer for everyone living, working, and visiting the Borough and by creating improved cycling and walking infrastructure that we can encourage more journeys by cycling and walking.

We have chosen your school because of the historical and ongoing road safety problems that occur around the school gates.

Why your views matter

Whatever your views about school streets, as a parent, resident, business, or driver, we would like to hear your views. Your views are important to us and will help the Council make a decision.


What happens next

All feedback will be collated and will help us make a decision on whether we proceed with the proposals. 

Should the Council agree to proceed with these proposals, all affected properties will receive a letter to inform them of the start date