Tyntesfield School Street Consultation

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Closes 28 Feb 2024


1. What is your name?
2. Property Number
3. Postcode
4. What is your email address?
5. I am responding as
6. Do you think there is a problem with traffic around the school?
7. Thinking about the streets near school to what extent do you think the following are a problem? Tick one per row
8. If you are a child, staff member or parent/carer at the school, how do you usually travel to school?
9. If you are a child or parent/carer at the school, are there factors that make it difficult for you to choose walking, scooting or cycling as a way of getting to school? If so, what might make it easier?
10. Do you support or oppose the proposal to create a School Street on Alma Road?
11. Please use this space for any comments you may have on the proposed School Street.