Brentwood School Expansion Proposal Consultation

Closed 22 Dec 2023

Opened 14 Dec 2023


Trafford Council has a duty to provide school places for every child resident within the borough. Since 2010 this duty has been met by expanding a number of Primary Schools across the borough to meet local demand. In recent years the demand has grown within the Secondary and Special School sector, therefore, Trafford Council are now proposing the physical expansion of Brentwood School to move the admission number from 15 to 25. There is no proposed change to Brentwood Community College which also occupies the same site.

The school is centrally placed within the Sale area. The number of students has been increasing following its relocation from Timperley in 2016. Remodelling spaces within the existing school has enabled these students to be accommodated, but at the expense of specialist classrooms. There is now a need to add 8 further classrooms, re-provide the specialist spaces and associated staff and WC facilities. The school’s site has the capacity to accommodate additional buildings which will give it the flexibility to cater for the individual needs of each student.

This is an exciting time, not only for Brentwood School, but the wider community in which it serves. It will enable the school to add to and improve the existing facilities and offer an outstanding education to more families in Trafford.

Stakeholders were invited to the school on Wednesday 13 December 2023 and the informal consultation now continues online.

You are invited to comment on the proposed plans detailed below. Comments should be submitted by Friday 22 December 2023.

Comments will be collated and anonymised and used to inform the design, planning and the statutory Making Signification Changes (‘prescribed alterations’) to Maintained Schools process.

The Proposal

The proposed expansion of Brentwood School looks to connect two ‘fingers’ at the back of the site. This will require reconfiguration of the existing cycle track, however, it doesn’t affect the playing field or MUGA facility.

This location has many benefits;

  • This will allow the classroom wings to be connected and give maximum flexibility to the organisation of the school. Brentwood accommodates students with a wide range of needs. The proposed expansion will enhance the student experience in an environment that is appropriate to their needs, fully inclusive and supporting their independence.
  • It will create a safe, enclosed courtyard which will benefit some of our highest need students who require a private, sensory space which will not be overlooked by surrounding properties and corridors.
  • Due to the nature of some of our students, we operate an on-call system so that staff can alert leaders if they require emergency help. This may be due to behavioural or medical issues. It is therefore critical that we maintain an enclosed school so that leaders can respond quickly to crisis situations.
  • Many of our students have a diagnosis of autism and require access to the outdoors in order to self-regulate. By locating the expansion at the back of the school, all classrooms will have access to safe outdoor space, away from the noise of traffic and parking.
  • None of our students travel to school independently. They are brought to school via mini-buses or parents’ cars. In order for safe drop off and pick-up from school, we need to maintain the car parking area at the front of the building. This will also limit any traffic congestion on the road as vehicles have space to wait within our car park.
  • Building at the back of school will provide opportunity for some expansion of the car park. This will ensure that staff can park on the premises and have little impact on the local streets.
  • We place a high value on outdoor space and are keen to maintain the existing MUGA (Multi-Use-Games-Area) and adjacent horticulture area. This area provides our students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful work-based activities which could lead to possible future occupation. Building at the back of the school will protect these facilities.
  • Brentwood is a beautifully designed building accommodating some of the most vulnerable students with the highest needs in Trafford. The building provides students with a calm environment in which they can learn and develop. The proposed expansion will extend this facility and retain the supportive features.

If the proposal goes ahead, construction access will be gained from Cherry Lane. The North West corner of the site will become a contractor’s compound and construction will take place behind the safety of solid hoardings.

There will be no contact between contractors and students and all safeguarding measures will be taken.

The staff car park at the front of the school will also be extended by 22 spaces.


Proposed Timeline

Invitation to view plans                                                           December 2023

Proposed planning application submission                            Spring 2024

Start of construction (subject to planning approval)               Summer 2024

Completion of construction works                                          Summer 2025


Proposed Plans

Please click below to view each of the following plans;

Plan 1 – Existing site location plan

Shows the site in context with the surrounding houses, highlighting the proposed area of development.

Plan 2 – Why is the Council proposing to expand Brentwood School?

Details the background to the need.

Plan 3 – Proposed location of extension

Block plan of the site showing extension, proposed landscape changes and car park extension. 3D massing plan showing the extension in context with the existing and why the new accommodation is proposed in this location.

Plan 4 – Proposed floor plans and elevations

This plan shows the proposed layout of rooms within the new extension and details the elevations of the new block in context with the existing building. Also detailing a description of the proposed materials.

Plan 5 – Logistics and timescales

Construction logistics plan showing access and movement around the site with an indicative timeline.

If you would like to express your views on the plans, please complete the following questionnaire or email  Alternatively you can write to School Capital Projects Team, Trafford Council, Waterside House, Sale M33 7ZF. Comments should be submitted by 22 December 2023.

Comments will be collated and anonymised and used to inform the design, planning and the statutory Making Signification Changes (‘prescribed alterations’) to Maintained Schools process. Responses to anonymised feedback will be made available via the Council website.

There will be another opportunity to formally comment on the proposed plans when they are submitted via the planning portal.