Supported Housing Strategy Consultation

Closes 16 Oct 2022

Vision & Priorities

The vision for the Draft Supported Housing Strategy is:

"Work collaboratively to provide a range of quality supported housing, and housing related support, to enable those with support needs to live independently in Trafford."

To help achieve this vision the Draft Strategy is structured around five clear priorities. These are:

  • Enable people with support needs to live as independently as possible within Trafford.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of quality accessible and affordable supported housing, and move-on accommodation, is in place.
  • Establish closer working relationships with external services, organisations, and charitable bodies to ensure appropriate support is available and easily accessible.
  • Ensure housing advice is promoted and easily accessible to those with support needs in Trafford.
  • Explore and review good practice in other Local Authority areas in relation to supported accommodation, and support services, and implement within Trafford where possible.
1. Do you agree with the proposed strategic priorities?
2. Of the 5 priorities, please indicate which 3 are the most important to you.