Davyhulme Primary School Expansion Proposals

Closed 29 Jul 2022

Opened 15 Jul 2022


Trafford Council has a duty to provide school places for every child resident within the borough. This duty has been met by expanding a number of Primary Schools across the borough to meet local demand. Trafford Council are now proposing the physical expansion of Davyhulme Primary School to move from an admission number of 70 (2 ½ forms of entry) to 90 (3 forms of entry).

The Urmston Planning Area is the only planning area where live births have increased overall between 2016 and 2019. The 8.1% growth has already entered the school system reducing the usual vacancy rate in this area.

Davyhulme Primary School was chosen as a suitable site for expansion because it is centrally placed within the Urmston area and has good public transport routes. The school’s site has the capacity to accommodate additional buildings and an expansion would also negate the need for mixed age classes which is one of the key aims of the primary strategy.

The Council held preliminary discussions with the School and then the School joined with Council Officers and Amey colleagues to consider submissions from 3 contractors before appointing Design and Build Contractor - Wardens Construction Ltd. and their associated architects, Halliday Meecham Architects.  A series of meetings have been held to allow the School to participate in developing the proposal alongside Council Officers and the Design Team. 

Stakeholders were invited to an informal consultation at the school on Thursday 14th July 2022 to meet the design team, look at plans of the proposals and comment on the potential development. The informal consultation now continues online.

This is an exciting time, not only for Davyhulme Primary School, but the wider community in which it serves. It will enable the school to offer an outstanding education to more families in the local area.

The Proposal

If the proposal goes ahead, six new classrooms are planned to be located along the Reception corridor and Y1 corridor in clusters of three.

A resource area is planned outside the Year 3 classrooms to allow for group work, art sessions and provide another dining area.

Externally the staff car park is proposed to be expanded by a further 11 spaces.

Construction traffic is proposed to enter the school site via the access road between the School and Davyhulme Park.

Proposed Timeline

Invitation to view plans                                                           14th July 2022

Proposed planning application submission                            September 2022

Start of construction (subject to planning approval)               January 2023

New building planned to open                                                September 2023

If the planning application is approved, the school will grow over the next 7 years with 20 extra pupils per year from September 2023 to September 2029.

Proposed Plans

Please click below to view each of the following plans;

Plan 1 – Existing site plan

Shows a plan of the existing site with a red line showing site boundary.

Plan 2 – Proposed site plan

Shows proposed locations of the six new classrooms and the extended carpark.

Plan 3 – Proposed new block layout plan

Details the layout of the additional classrooms and associated spaces in the new extensions.

Plan 4 – Proposed elevations

This plan details the elevations of the new classrooms.

Plan 5 – Proposed illustrative views

This plan gives a 3D view of the new blocks

Plan 6 – Existing and proposed site section

This plan takes a section of the existing and proposed blocks (along the dashed red line) showing how the roofline changes.

Plan 7 – Proposed roof plan

This plan shows the new roofs (in grey) with rooflights indicated above the Year 3 resource area and a potential area on the existing roof for solar panels.

Plan 8 – Existing floor plan

This plan shows the existing layout of the school and the area outlined in red where blocks are proposed to be added.  Various tree and ground surveys will take place here.

Plan 9 – Proposed site access plan

This plan shows the proposed site access via the road between school and park. As this is a busy and shared access route it will need various safeguarding measures to protect pedestrians and vehicles accessing Hartford community centre or the park. It also shows a proposed area for the site compound on the school field and extent of heras fencing to segregate staff and pupils from construction activities.

You are invited to comment on the proposed plans detailed above. Comments can be made online or alternatively email, schoolprojects@trafford.gov.uk or write to;

Schools’ Capital Projects Team,

Trafford Council,

2nd Floor Waterside House,

Sale, M33 7ZF.

All comments should be submitted by Friday 29th July 2022.

Responses to this consultation will be available on this site after the consultation closing date.

There will be another opportunity to formally comment on the proposed plans when they are submitted via the planning portal.